“Peace begins, right here, right now.”
— Temple Hayes

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Global Peace workers – a peace through people initiative with respect for all of life.

It’s time to make a significant difference in the world by helping people live the principle of respecting the right of all life to live in freedom and in peace.

It is time to live our lives respecting the diversity of our world. It’s time to realize if the world is round why take sides?

Supporting human rights, civil rights, equal rights, gay rights, religious rights, animal rights, children’s rights, elder rights and the ecological rights of this planet under one universal umbrella is the focus of the Global Peace Workers movement.

Everyone has freedom of thought. Everyone has the right to express that thought as their belief and value system as long as that expression does not infringe upon the right of another to live their life in freedom and peace.

Once we understand the importance of the words, “the right of all to live the life of their intention in freedom and peace” and begin being an example of what it means to live according to that principle, individuals will have a dramatic impact on the lives of others and our planet.

Peace will spread.

Respect for freedom becomes the norm around the globe. All have a natural respect for all life and the environment. This mindset, this knowing, is actually a natural part of our being.